Construction Administration Services

  1. Submittal review and control
  2. Building envelope coordination meetings
  3. Construction administration
  4. Installation observation
  5. Final inspections
  6. Commissioning

Forensic Evaluation

  1. Site investigation and evaluation
  2. Expert witness and litigation consulting


AGI provides many ASTM testing procedures that are utilized in the roofing and building industry.

The following is some of the testing services we provide:

Moisture Scanning


Nondestructive impedance testing

Capacitance equipment for testing EPDM

Probe capacitance for probing materials

Moisture Data loggers

Plastic Film sheets for concrete testing

Imbedded capsules for concrete testing

Membrane Defect Testing for voids, thickness, moisture and undersurface defects

High and Low voltage testing equipment for wet and dry testing

Uplifting testing

Tripod testing for adhesion

Pull testing for fasteners

Peel testing for membrane adhesion

Ground Penetrating Radar

This is used for testing for post tension and rebar location

Water Testing

Spray racks

Negative pressure

Vacuum chambers

Spray wands

Dew Point Analysis

Dew Point Chart

Building Envelope Assembly Coring

  • Verification of assemblies
  • Verification of insulation and slop
  • Verification of attachment and adhesions

Building Envelope Services Provided

  1. Roofs and walls
  2. Investigation
  3. Moisture scanning
  4. Roof master planning
  5. Cost analysis
  6. Roof and wall designing
  7. Specification and detail development
  8. Skylight systems