Senior Field Inspetor and Observer Manager

Charlie has over 31 years of Commercial and Residential Roofing experience, specializing in the management of construction projects, bidding and installing systems. Charlie has worked with Armstrong Group Inc for 9 years as a lead field inspector and quality control observer. He has extensive experience in evaluations and inspection of roofing, waterproofing and building envelope work as well as in submittal, and construction document review. He has experience in testing with the following equipment following ASTM requirements: Infrared, Non-Destructive Electrical Impedance moisture scanning, ground penetrating radar, Uplift testing of fasteners and assemblies, peel testing and Electric field and vector mapping for imperfections of coatings and membranes. Charlie is knowledgeable of all types of roofing systems, waterproofing materials and wall systems. Charlie is bilingual and has experience with AutoCAD, Adobe, word, excel and other proprietary programs.